About Us

The Clay Center for the Arts & Sciences of West Virginia is one of only three venues in the country to combine the sciences, visual arts and performing arts under one roof. With two floors of hands-on, interactive science galleries, an art gallery with new exhibits every few months, an ElectricSky (TM) Theater that shows both giant screen films and planetarium shows, a world-class performance hall and much more, there’s something for everyone at the Clay Center.

Clay Center Ed-Ventures is a collaboration of the views and experiences of staff members from our Education Department- from our Director of Art and Science Education to our Gallery Educators and beyond. Get a behind-the scenes look at our school performances, education programs, museum exhibits and more.

This blog is all about communicating with you, so let us know what you think about our posts and what you’d like to hear. You can contact us here or on our website, where you can also keep up-to-date on our busy calendar of events, exhibits, programs and performances.

The views in the posts on this blog are those of the respective writer only and do not reflect the views of the Clay Center, co-workers or affiliates. All information on this site is provided as is with no warranties or guarantees.

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