Water Bottle Bird Feeders

It hasn’t been an easy few weeks in several southern counties in West Virginia, especially for parents with young kids. If you’ve exhausted your store of activities and have a lot of water bottles hanging around, this activity just might help.

In the winter, we usually think of snow activities and cold weather fun and leave flowers, butterflies, and birds for the spring. But, the best time to put out bird feeders is actually in the winter when it is hardest for the birds to find food. With all this snow and extremely low temperatures, they need a little extra help!


Birdfeeder Supplies

Empty water bottles
Paint brushes
Sticks, Wooden Spoon, or pencils
Bird Seed

1. Cut a rectangular “window” into your bird feeder about two-three inches from Birdfeeder window cutthe bottom of the bottle.

2. Cut a small hole about a half an inch to an inch below the window. Cut a corresponding hole on the opposite side of the bottle. (Your stick will slide through both holes and act as a perch for the birds.)

3. Paint your future bird feeder!

Crystal Painting

4. Wrap twine or string around the neck of the bird feeder for hanging. (Tip: We chose to do two strings and tie them in loops on either side of the neck to provide greater stability.)

5. Insert stick or wooden spoon through the small holes to serve as a perch for your birds. (In a pinch we used pencils!)

6. Fill with birdseed.

7. Hang up and enjoy bird watching!

Want to get your kids even more engaged? See how many birds you can identify! If you don’t know what they are, you can head to the library to pick up a book or try West Virginia Conservation Agency’s website!


with the help of Faith (“Starry Night” bird feeder) and Crystal (with the WVU one. We’ll post it as soon as she finishes!)

Starry Night and Captain America Feed the Birds